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The annual subscription of De Ballebak is the ideal way to play inexpensively in our large indoor playground. With the annual subscription you can make unlimited use of all the fun that our indoor play paradise De Ballebak has to offer. Every child receives a personal pass that includes all the data and a photo. The subscription costs € 100, – per year and must be paid in one go. This can be done via an Ideal payment when applying for the subscription.

How do you use your subscription?

Bring the subscription with every visit. At the entrance you have to personally hand over your subscription to our employee. This checks whether you are only valid. Moreover, on the basis of the photo on the subscription, you are checked whether you are actually the subscription holder. If the season ticket holder has forgotten the season ticket, De Ballebak grants free access once, we check this in the system. If you have forgotten your pass for the second time, we will not grant you access, provided you pay the admission fee.

Discount benefits

As a subscription provider you can benefit from a number of discount benefits:

  • Birthday free at his own children’s party (valid only at the location of the application)
  • * 15% discount for guests (max 4 per day) (children’s parties excluded)
  • * Parents free to enter

The conditions below apply to all discount benefits.

  • Discounts are only valid on presentation of a personal subscription.
  • Discounts are not exchangeable for cash or exchangeable.
  • Discounts are not valid in combination with other promotions and / or discounts.
  • For all discounts, there is no refund on already purchased tickets and / or 10 trip tickets and reservations made.

The benefits can change per calendar year. Every year the new benefits are announced.

Annual subscription conditions

Interim change

A subscription is personal and not transferable. It is not possible to change subscriptions during the fixed term as long as it concerns address data.

Data provided

The subscriber authorizes De Ballebak Nederland BV to include his or her personal data in the databases of De Ballebak Nederland BV, insofar as this information is necessary for the administration of the subscription. The personal data are processed in a careful manner and used exclusively for administrative and communicative purposes of De Ballebak Nederland BV.


Your annual subscription is only valid in the branch where you purchased it. Visiting other branches with your annual subscription is not possible, provided the branches have agreed this with each other. If there is a cooperation between some branches, this will be announced on the site of the branch where you purchased the subscription.

What to do in case of loss, theft or damage to your subscription?

In the event of loss or theft of your subscription, you must report this immediately at the branch office or via email to abonnement@deballebak.nl. To exclude abuse by third parties, your subscription is immediately blocked. You can request a duplicate subscription at the De Ballebak checkout in case of loss / theft or on presentation of a report / report of loss / theft. The regular administration costs for a duplicate subscription are € 12.00 per season ticket.

Improper use of the subscription

De Ballebak Nederland BV reserves the right to cancel the subscription agreement prematurely and with immediate effect if reasonable grounds exist. This reasonable ground exists in any case if the subscriber leaves the season ticket pass by an unauthorized third party and if the subscriber does not comply with the house rules, despite at least one warning. If the subscription is terminated prematurely, the season ticket pass is immediately taken and / or blocked. An interim cancellation does not entitle the subscriber to compensation for damage or reimbursement of the subscription fee over the remaining term of the initial subscription.

Validity and duration of subscription

You close the subscription for one year. After these 12 months, it will automatically expire. The day of purchase is the first day of the subscription. The subscription is only valid during the regular opening hours of De Ballebak.

Cancel and renew

Subscription is valid for the period of 1 year and can not be terminated early. Do you want to renew after this year? That is possible, you can arrange this at the branch or via the website.

House rules

When entering De Ballebak house rules apply. The house rules are also available for inspection at the entrance and in the hall.

Knowing more?

For more information about De Ballebak subscription you can call the office or send an e-mail to the head office: abonnement@deballebak.nl