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Baby shower

Do you want to organize a baby shower for a family member or girlfriend? That is possible with us in De Ballebak Rotterdam Ommoord.

When are you giving a baby shower?

A baby shower can be kept during the entire pregnancy. The most is kept about two months before the delivery so that the pregnant woman is still fit enough for it. There is also more certainty about the course of the pregnancy. A baby shower later in brotherhood is also more fun because of the visible pregnant belly.
A baby shower is sometimes organized by the pregnant woman herself, but usually someone else arranges the baby shower as a gift for the pregnant woman.

What can we do for you?

  • A beautiful baby shower cake with a baby on it or, if the gender is not yet known, half pink half blue.
  • Babyshower buffet table with tasty snacks, thank you to give away (bring your own), and beautiful accessories such as a vase with beautiful flowers. The buffet table becomes a real eye-catcher and determines the baby shower.
  • Lunch in style. We decorate the lunch table to perfection and serve tasty snacks and mini sandwiches.
  • We serve coffee, tea, hot chocolate and all soft drinks.
  • Photo reportage, for a fun photo shoot of your baby shower by a professional female photographer Lavinia, at an attractive rate.
  • Do you want to organize the baby shower with us completely differently? We would love to hear your wishes.

Tips and baby shower ideas

  • The best part is to surprise the person for whom you organize the babyshower and not to notice the preparations.
  • Collect unnoticed the addresses of the person you want to be present at the baby shower.
  • Send a nice invitation.
  • To limit the costs of the babyshower you could ask a contribution from everyone.
  • Concerning the snacks and drinks, De Ballebak takes care of that.
  • Do not forget to take photos or videos of the baby shower as a nice memory! We can also arrange this by a professional way.
  • Ask the guests to leave a personal message for the baby and the parents in a specially designed souvenir booklet.
  • You can give the guests a nice souvenir or a goodybag.