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House rules

For children to play safe and responsible together in a big area as the play areas at De Ballebak, we have established some house rules. Visitors must honor these house rules.

Visitors, who can’t comply with these rules, will be asked to leave De Ballebak. You are requested to make these rules clear to your associated company.

By following these rules we hope you have a pleasant stay at De Ballebak.

Management and staff of De Ballebak

House rules De Ballebak

  1. Only children till the age of 12 are allowed to play at De Ballebak
  2. Children from ages 13 to 17 are to old to play at our indoor playground and are not allowed to enter De Ballebak.
  3. Children must be escorted by some one of the minimal age of 18, who is responsible for the children. Supervisors are also required to stay in our location as long as the children are playing with us and you also have to supervise your own child(ren).
  4. Pets are not allowed.
  5. Consuming own food or drinks is not allowed. Food and drinks can be bought at the restaurant. This also counts for the school trips and arrangements.
  6. De Ballebak has a maximum amount of visitors for the use of the indoor area. Especially with bad weather you need to take this into account.
  7. Due to safety, children are not allowed to chew gum. Sharp objects are forbidden at the play structure and inflatables.
  8. There is a general smoking restraint in the indoor area. Smoking is allowed in the outdoor patio when the outdoor area is open.
  9. The play structure and inflatables may not be entered with shoes on.
  10. Food and drinks may only be consumed at the table. Food and drinks that are consumed while walking around is not allowed.
  11. It is not allowed to climb or walk the slides upwards.
  12. Slides may only be used alone and while seated.
  13. It is forbidden to climb on the edge of the inflatables.
  14. Everyone is welcome, but praying in The Ballebak is not allowed.
  15. The small play structure (toddler area) and the mat with (lego)bricks are just for kids till age of 4 and with possible supervisor.
  16. It is not allowed to throw bricks at the large brick area.
  17. It is forbidden in the Ballebak to wear any form of face cover.
  18. Instructions from the staff must always be followed.
  19. By entering the playground you agree with our house rules.
  20. Playing at De Ballebak is at your own risk. The direction of De Ballebak is not liable for any damage that has occurred while playing.