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House rules

For children to play safe and responsible together in a big area as the play areas at De Ballebak, we have established some house rules. Visitors must honor these house rules.

Visitors, who can’t comply with these rules, will be asked to leave De Ballebak. You are requested to make these rules clear to your associated company.

By following these rules we hope you have a pleasant stay at De Ballebak.

Management and staff of De Ballebak

House rules De Ballebak

  1. Only children up to and including the age of 12 are allowed to play in the play areas of De Ballebak.
  2. Children from 13 to 17 years old are too old for our children’s play paradise and are not allowed to enter De Ballebak.
  3. Children must be accompanied by someone over the age of 18 who is responsible for the children. Caregivers are also required to remain indoors at our location while the children are playing with us and you must also supervise your own child(ren).
  4. Pets are not allowed inside.
  5. Consuming brought food and drinks is not allowed. You can buy food and drinks in the restaurant. This also applies to school trips and other arrangements.
  6. Alcoholic drinks are not provided to persons under the age of 18. In case of doubt, visitors must be able to demonstrate this by means of identification.
  7. Visitors who are visibly under the influence of alcohol will be refused entry.
  8. It is not allowed to possess, use or trade nitrous oxide and/or drugs in any form inside or outside our premises. If violations are found, the goods found will be seized and the police will be called in and the person concerned will be asked to leave the premises.
  9. It is not allowed to carry weapons or objects that can serve as weapons. If a violation is detected, the police will be called in.
  10. De Ballebak uses a maximum number of visitors who may be present at our location at the same time. Especially in bad weather conditions you have to take into account; full is full.
  11. For safety reasons, children are not allowed to eat chewing gum in the playroom and equipment. Sharp objects that can damage our belongings are prohibited in our playrooms, the play structure and on the bouncy castle.
  12. There is a general smoking ban in the indoor playground, the use of e-cigarettes is also not allowed. You can smoke outside in (or in) the designated area.
  13. The play structure and the bouncy castle may not be entered with shoes.
  14. Food and drink may only be consumed at the table. Food and/or drinks that are consumed while walking around are therefore not allowed. It is not allowed to bring glassware or refreshments outside the mentioned places.
  15. It is forbidden to climb or walk on slides.
  16. Use the slides alone and seated.
  17. It is forbidden to climb on the edge of the bouncy castle.
  18. Everyone is welcome, but praying in De Ballebak is not allowed.
  19. The small play structure (toddler section) and the mat with (Lego) blocks are only for children up to and including 4 years old and a possible supervisor.
  20. It is not allowed to throw the blocks in the large block corner.
  21. Behavior that is experienced as a nuisance, threatening, intimidating or undesirable by other visitors or employees will first be followed by a warning. In the event of repetition, the person concerned will be asked to leave the premises.
  22. Persons who cause nuisance in any form to employees or other visitors are requested to leave the premises or access is refused.
  23. It is not allowed to commit theft or vandalism. In the event of violation, we will report the violation and the offender will be handed over to the police. Damage caused will be recovered from the perpetrators.
  24. Visitors should take the neighbors into account when leaving the building. They are not to behave in a noisy manner, leave no rubbish behind and do no destruction.
  25. It is prohibited to wear any form of face covering in De Ballebak.
  26. Instructions from staff should always be followed.
  27. Violation of the house rules may lead to a request to leave the premises. Failure to comply with this request may lead to removal by the competent authorities.
  28. Fines arising from violating the house rules will be recovered from the violator.
  29. If situations arise for which these house rules do not provide, De Ballebak will decide on possible measures to be taken.
  30. By entering the playground you agree to our house rules.
  31. Playing at De Ballebak is at your own risk. De Ballebak and its staff cannot be held responsible for the loss, destruction or theft of users’ property, as well as for injury and material and immaterial damage to visitors.