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Hygiene and safety


Children’s playground De Ballebak Brielle gets cleaned at a daily basis. This means:

  • Cleaning the kitchen.
  • Vacuuming the playground.
  • Wipe the tables and chairs.
  • Sweep the outside area.
  • The toilets get cleaned multiple times a day.

In our kitchen we work by the regulations of the HACCP food process of control. This is a process initiated by the European Union. The play structure also gets a periodic thorough cleaning. The balls from the ball pool are regularly cleaned with a special ball washing machine.

Hygiene ball pool

The balls from the ball pit are washed

The balls from the ball pool are regularly cleaned with a special ball washing machine. This happens every eight weeks. In case a child has ‘an accident’ in the ball pool, we clean the balls that same evening. All balls get disinfected and also the ball pool gets a thorough cleaning that same evening. We have a certificate of hygiene displayed in our establishment so you can see for yourself when the ball pools had their last cleaning.


The play structure get a weekly and periodic check on safety aspects. This happens by the regulation of Food and Supplies Authority.

There is always a staff member present with a diploma of Emergency Help and Service and a diploma First Aid. This staff will bring all visitors to safety, contact other help services, applies first aid or will fight a starting fire until professionals are at scene.

De Ballebak has an evacuation plan that meets the requirements of the fire department. We have several smoke detectors and fire alarm which can be used for detection of fire and making a report to the fire department. Fire extinguishers are present and get a yearly check.

For your and our safety, De Ballebak Brielle has a 24 hour camera surveillance en the images are saved for several days.

Some of our house rules are established to improve hygiene as safety.

Is there something that not meets with your wishes, please let us know en report your remark to the direction.